Laboratory Services

If you or your child requires lab work to diagnose a medical problem, our physicians at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics in Arden and Asheville, North Carolina, offer point of care testing and many in-house laboratory services to optimize convenience. For labs that cannot be completed in-house, LabTech Diagnostics is on site for all of those needs. The next time you experience symptoms of an illness or disease, or need labs to monitor a chronic illness, schedule an appointment with our physicians over the phone.

    What are laboratory services?

    Laboratory services include lab tests that diagnose an illness or chronic disease. Examples of laboratory services include analyzing:

    • Blood tests

    • Urine tests

    • Tissue biopsies

    • Throat swabs

    We may recommend one or more laboratory tests to diagnose your condition and develop the right treatment plan for you or your child.

    Which lab tests might I need?

    Based on your symptoms, medical history, or family history, we might suggest laboratory services to test for flu, mono, pregnancy, strep throat, or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). You might require one or more of the following lab tests:

    • A1C

    • Glucose

    • Creatinine

    • Microalbumin

    • Comprehensive metabolic panel

    • Complete blood count

    • Lipid panel

    • Hemoglobin

    Scheduling a lab visit

    To receive laboratory testing our patients need to have an order from one of our physicians. We prefer to order appropriate blood testing at the time of the office visit so we can best discuss the best and most appropriate tests for each individual patient. Occasionally our physicians will ask patients to return for a specific laboratory only visit and will leave an order for the phlebotomist. We can not accept lab orders from outside physicians such as other specialists. If you have a specialist who ordered a test it is best to schedule a follow up visit with your physician at Asheville medicine and pediatrics so we can help oversee your care and make sure you are getting the best treatment possible. If we agree with the necessity of the testing requested we can then order that through our laboratory services.

    How long will my results take?

    We can complete numerous diagnostic tests right in the office during your appointment. In-house test results may be complete in fifteen minutes or less. Labs that must be sent out typically result within one to two business days. Some labs may take five to ten days. Once your labs have been reviewed by our team, you will be notified by phone or portal message, depending on your preference. We always call or send a portal message with results.

    If you have not heard from our office within two weeks of having the lab work completed then please call the office and ask to speak with a medical assistant.

    ​​​​​​​Don’t feel inconvenienced by scheduling two separate visits for a doctor’s appointment and lab work when you can combine these two services in one appointment at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics. Schedule an appointment over the phone.

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