Transitional Care

Our goal is to keep patients as healthy as possible, but occasional visits to the emergency room, or hospital visits, may sometimes be necessary. If you or your child was recently seen at the hospital, our team at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics is here for you. We offer transitional care services to optimize healing and recovery, make sure your medications are appropriate, and assure appropriate specialist follow-up to prevent complications before they become serious. If you have recently been admitted to the hospital, schedule an appointment with us over the phone today.

What is transitional care?

Transitional care with our expert team at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics involves close follow-up care during your hospital stay and after you return home after hospitalization. We closely follow your care and call you within two days of discharge from the hospital or emergency room to review changes to your care plan and ensure you have everything you need once you’re home.

What is transitional care used for?

If you’ve been in the hospital, transitional care with our team helps optimize your recovery. Transitional care might be right for you if you or your child was recently admitted to a hospital or seen in an emergency department.

For example, if asthma, allergic reactions, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, dehydration, abdominal pain, or an injury becomes serious and requires a hospital stay or emergency room visit, the Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics experts are here for you.

The clinical team will speak with you after you are discharged. We will make sure you understand your discharge instructions and any changes to your medications. We will also make sure the appropriate aftercare has been arranged, such as home health or specialist appointments.

The main advantage of following up with your primary care physician is to ensure you recover properly and avoid re-admission.

When should I follow up after hospitalization?

If you have been hospitalized or seen in the emergency department you should see one of our primary care physicians within 7-14 days of discharge. Call Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics as soon as you are discharged to ensure appropriate follow-up is scheduled.

When should I contact my provider regarding hospitalization?

While our team at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics makes every effort to follow all hospitalized patients, there are some situations where the team is not informed of the admission. If you or your child is hospitalized or has surgery scheduled, make sure you or a loved one informs our staff at Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics so we can make sure you get the aftercare you deserve.

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